Special tax rules apply to subcontractors working in the construction industry. The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) outlines these rules and how payments are to be processed by contractors.

With specialist experience within the building and construction industry, Goodhams’ specialist accountants can assist in the specialist tax rules applied to firms operating within the construction industry. Our expert team can confidently guide your business and assist with the following:

Subcontractor HMRC deductions for National Insurance and Tax purposes

Day-to-day bookkeeping services

VAT returns, advice and information

PAYE services for building and construction companies

HMRC Contractor Registration

Deduction statements for subcontractors

Monthly HMRC Returns

Full CIS compliance & CIS registration

Our certified accountants provide a full-service managed accountancy package to help to keep your tax, VAT, and specialist tax issues in good order.

CIS Tax Returns & Subcontractor Accounting Services

As the Construction Industry Scheme outlines the rules between contractor and subcontractor payment deductions, there are often tax refunds due to subcontractors. In this situation, Goodhams  can assist in reclaiming these overpayments with our comprehensive CIS Tax Return service.

A subcontractor is defined as someone who performs work for a contractor, and is not currently employed under PAYE. In this situation, a subcontractor typically invoices the contractor for the work. A subcontractor is a self-employed business with their own accounts to prepare.