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 Inheritance trusts are a perfect way to keep your assets protected and cared for, even when you pass away, but mishaps in inheritance tax and trust is not uncommon. While stumbling into an inheritance trust trap is easy, but not if you have the right skilled hand guiding and helping your inheritance and your loved ones at the same time. Now, to understand Inheritance tax, we need to look into how these trusts work?

 Inheritance Tax & Trust- Basics Explained

 As a creator of the trust, you’ll decide how you want to run the trust and once you pass away, your benefactor or nominated individual will overtake the trust account. The trust deed signed by you will have details about your trust and how to maintain it which your inherited trustee will follow after you pass away.

The trust set up by you can be an effective way for both you and your loved ones to care and protect your assets. However, tax and maintenance of trust can be a bit tricky which is where shaking hands with a proficient accounting firm in the UK can benefit  you.

How can Goodhams Accounting Help?

Here’s what we can do for you and your loved one’s inheritance trust-

  • We can provide a comprehensive will analysis to make sure the trust will is not just legally sound but tax-wise beneficial for you too.
  • We can identify potential dangers and opportunities and guide or strategize your trust plans with you so that you and your future generations to come and both enjoy and protect your trust effortlessly.
  • We can help you determine which trust type will be most suitable for you and your loved ones and help you initiate or administer your trust through our proficient services.

 The Goodhams Way

 Goodhams Accounting has been proactively helping both new and old trust owners make the best of their trust while keeping their tax benefits in mind. We employ some of the best industry-accredited minds in the industry who can help you with professional advice and guidance so that you can be at peace knowing that your trust, investment, or estate is protected in the hands of your loved ones.

Want to know more about our Inheritance trust and tax services? Reach out to our Trust advisors and together we can help you secure your assets efficiently.

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