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 Efficient Payroll & CIS Services

 Business is all about flow. While employees, subcontractors, and partners ensure productivity flow, steady cash flow is what organizations and corporations have to focus on! That being said, managing cash flow and payment structures for a thriving organization is never easy! Think back to the month-end payroll clearing rush that we face!

 How Can Our Accounting Firm Help You Maintain Steady Payroll & CIS?


Maintaining monthly payroll of an organization is not just physically time-consuming, but mentally taxing too! Not only do you need an innate knowledge of the changing laws, tips, and tricks, but also sufficient time in your hand to complete the entire payroll process. To top that of, even a minor error can affect the delicate balance of payroll which is why companies usually find it more productive if accounting professionals like us unload the payroll burden off their backs and into our skilled hands.

 Our Comprehensive Payroll Solutions

 Imagine having your payroll organized and executed by the end of the month without you having to put in manpower, work hours, or office resources? At Goodhams, we believe in simplifying the payroll process so that companies can just send in their employee details (work hours and payment details) and then sit back and relax while our efficient Payroll management team executes everything by the book! Here’s how we can help-

  • By providing standard payroll reports so that you are always updated on your financial books.
  • Keep you updated with the latest rules and changes and make amends in your payroll process accordingly.
  • Create customized or generalized payslips for your employees
  • Edit and modify paper-people errors in pre-made payrolls so that you can avoid unwanted payroll problems.

 Simplifying CIS for Companies

 If a Limited Company or self-employed is working in Construction Industry, HMRC will register you under CIS or the Construction Industry Scheme, as a subcontractor. Now, according to HMRC, contractors are liable to make a 20-30% tax deduction, based on the verification status of the subcontractors, from their labor invoices, and instead, make a payment that goes to HMRC.  Based on your position (contractor/ subcontractor) here’s how we can help out-

  • We can register you as a contractor or help you determine your status
  • Verify you with HMRC
  • Help you maintain and manage deduction statements
  • Help you prepare your official payment/deduction reports and help you prepare your end-of-the-year tax returns and liabilities (if applicable)

 The Goodhams Way

 At Goodhams, we have a team of some of the best accounting maestros in the industry which means- everything from your taxes to your company’s payroll will be in safe, skilled hands. We maintain a steady work structure to ensure all our records are not just accurately drafted but also executed on-time, as promised!

Want to know more about how Goodhams can help your company with payroll or CIS services? Connect with us and one of our best accounting Professionals will get back to you in no time!





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